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Music Publisher Coaching Program

myHitOnline offers an intensive coaching program to accelerate your music career. The program focuses on helping you get more song placements with top recording artists.

We will be covering topics such as:

  • How to pitch songs to artists, A&Rs, record labels and music publishers
  • How to get a music publishing deal
  • How to get a manager
  • How to negotiate a music publishing deal
  • and much more…

During some of our live seminars and / or coaching sessions, we feature prominent A&Rs, successful music publishers, Grammy-winning record producers and songwriters. Our members have the opportunity to get them to listen to your songs and get direct feedback.

In addition to our coaching program you also get access to the premier tools to be able to pitch your music more effectively.

What additional resources does myHitOnline offer?

When you enroll in myHitOnline’s coaching program, you also get access to the following resources…

#1 A&R Song Tipsheet



Top Artist Leads

The highest quality and quantity of music placements opportunities in the industry. We track several hundred top recording artists signed to major record labels such as Warner Music, Universal Music, Sony Music, and many other top record labels.


live coaching

Intensive coaching program that will accelerate your music career.


#1 a&r tip sheet

The highest quality and quantity of music placements opportunities in the industry.


song pitch system

The simplest and most professional method to pitch your music to music executives.



Connect with other music industry pros to network and to co-write music.



Get insightful information on how to succeed in the industry. Videos, articles and much more.

More Tools.&.Resources.


Major Record Labels Projects

labels such as:



Get your music heard

Be one of the first people to reach out for new projects, find key people to collaborate with and create your song pitch in seconds.

100's of Artist Projects

Quickly scan 100’s of artist projects and match yourself with the right opportunity.

Song Pitch System

Prepare a pitch in seconds and know exactly who to reach out to to set up a collaboration or to pitch your music.

Network & Co-write

Expand your network and find new opportunities to collaborate and co-write for key artist projects.

Song Pitch System

Pitch your music like a true professional. Create an unlimited number of custom playlists in seconds. Simply drag-and-drop your music and share them instantly. Done.



Connect with other music industry pros looking to open new doors, to co-write and to expand music industry network.



Access awesome interviews, videos, articles and much more so you can continue to develop your career.

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